Friday, September 10, 2010

Really busy :-(

I am really busy right now be a few more days for a real update.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Basic Terran 1/1/1 Build

  • 10 Depot
  • 12 Barracks
  • 13 Gas
  • 15 OC
  • Marine+ 2nd Gas
  • 16 Supply Depot
  • OPTIONAL: Barracks Addon
  • @ 100 gas
    • Build Factory ASAP + Tech Lab
  • @100% Factory
  • Starport
    • OPTIONAL: Starport Addon

The build is very versatile, so scout often and do whatever! Its just a standard opener.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Cauthonluck Banshee cheese

The 11 Tech Banshee rush is aimed at catching the zerg off-guard with very early Banshees. It also hard counters mass roach and most FE Zerg builds.

  • 10 - Refinery
  • 11 - Barracks at Choke Point
  • 11 - Factory at Choke Point
  • 11 - OC
  • 11 - @Factory 100% Starport
  • 11 - Tech Lab on Barracks (switch with Starport when complete)
  • 11 - Depot

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day[9] !

Daynine is a must for any sc2 player check him out !
Here is his latest daily on Protoss 4 warp gate styles.!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

QXC 258 Terran Replays

Check out as well great website and great team of SC2 players.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Patch 1.1 and Beyond (from blizzard)


We're going to be adding destructible rocks to the Desert Oasis map to make natural expansions easier to protect. In addition, the center map watchtower area is being narrowed.


We have two key changes in mind for the zealot: the build time is being increased from 33 to 38 seconds, and the warpgate cooldown is being increased from 23 to 28 seconds. Zealot rushes are currently too powerful at various skill levels, particularly those that rely on rapidly assaulting an enemy base from nearby "proxy" gateways. We feel the window players have to scout for and fend off this rush is too small. We also want to address the problem of protoss being able to dump minerals a bit too quickly with the combination of warpgates and Chrono Boost.


There are several changes in the works for terrans. Reapers against zerg are stronger than expected. Due to the zealot build time increase, reapers would be a bit problematic in combination with proxy barracks, bunkers, and/or marauders against protoss. Therefore, we have decided to increase the build time of reapers as well from 40 to 45 seconds. Fast reaper + bunker, or fast marine + bunker rushes are problematic against zerg. Although this rush would never outright destroy the zerg player, we feel zerg suffers too much of a disadvantage from either having to cancel the fast expansion, or getting trapped inside the main base for too long, so we are also increasing the bunker build time from 30 to 35 seconds.

Siege tanks in large numbers are performing too well in all matchups. In the mid- to late-game, siege tanks are too dominant against all ground units. We want a small set of light and unarmored ground units to perform better against siege tanks. With this in mind, we're changing the Siege Mode damage of the siege tank from 50 to 35, +15 vs. armored; to correspond with this, damage upgrades will be changed from +5 to +3, +2 vs. armored. This change reduces the base damage of the siege tank against light and unarmored units, as well as the splash damage.

Battlecruisers currently lack good counters from the ground and still perform very well against a wide array of unit types. We're aware that it is not easy to get battlecruisers out for the cost, but at the same time, it is possible in both 1v1s and team games to create stalemate situations to bring them out. Overall, we feel that battlecruisers are too strong for their cost, and the terran-forced stalemate situations are causing less interesting gameplay. We will be lowering their damage against ground units from 10 to 8.


Ultralisk damage is being decreased from 15, +25 vs. armored to 15, +20 vs. armored. This reduction is comparable to the changes being made to the battlecruiser and siege tank. Like the battlecruiser, ultralisks are simply too powerful for the cost, even though they are difficult to muster. Also, in combination with other units, ultralisks are difficult to counter from the ground. The ultralisk building attack (Ram) is being removed because the damage rate is too similar to its normal attack, which will be used against buildings instead. When ultralisks target tightly packed smaller buildings such as supply depots, the Ram attack is actually outputting considerably less overall damage than its normal attack, as Ram only hits a single target.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Huk vs TLO

One of my favorite matches from the beta.