Thursday, September 11, 2008

Man Vs Wild

Wow, I was watching Man vs Wild last night. I know its pretty fake. But yeah when he says im bear grylls and im heading into south dakota....LOL South Dakota....... come on.....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Green House Gases and Global Warming

Global Warming is way misunderstood. Chlorofluorocarbons that is the problem it is eating are Ozone layer..... it is a chemical mixture that was used in the early 1900's for things like fire extinguishers, grenades and some other war related material during WWII. Later it was used for Refrigerators and aerosol cans most common things, there are a lot of other items that use this too but yeah back to the point. So theirs the back round of what is killing the Ozone.

During the Day
O3 + UV ==> O + O2
So, O3 is the Ozone and it combines with UV which is the dangerous Ultra violet rays from sun and it turns into Oxygen and destroys the rays. Doesnt get all the rays of course thats why we get tan and skin cancer.

At Night it reverses
O + O2 ==> O3
Since their are no UV rays at night it turns back into are wonderful O3 (ozone layer) here is are problem remember that gas i talked about Chlorofluorocarbons which is released by Aerosol cans ect...

Cl + O3 ==> CLO + O2 then ClO + O3 → Cl + 2 O2

soooo the CL is free to run around and react with the ozone and destroy it.... :-(
It takes about 100 years for CL to disapear too.
There already is a Ozone hole in the artic circle and becomes really big during November when the sun is hitting it

Car emissions DO NOT affect are main ozone. It only affects are secondary ozone where you see smog and such in big cities which is bad to breath . It is caused by combustion.

To conclude,
The Low yesterday was 37 degrees which was 7 degress lower then the record from back in the 1800's......soooo where are you global warming??? climate has always changed since the earths creation.



John McCain is really really old i feel like if he is elected, he will die in office and we will end up having some random girl no one knows who has very little experience in politics. What if something serious happened and it was up to the Governor of Alaska LOL. Alaska should not even be part of the 50 states, It should just be US territory.....