Friday, August 27, 2010

Dear Protoss Starcraft 2

I know we've had our differences. You know, us steam rolling the last stand of the protoss, the sacing of your homeworld of Aiur... but no need for glee filled memories. The Terran are our real problem now. We have heard their attack/move masses and smarter segie tank pilots are proving difficult for your forces to deal with. Not but 4 years ago i remember thier tanks would hap hazardly all shoot the same target... They are stronger now... more coordinated. However it is not just you, we too have found difficulty with thier new technologies speed. Our youngest most promissing track-lings are being outrun by mere criminals with jetpacks. Did you know they put a flame thrower on the top of a go kart just to mock us? Times are indeed dark for our two races.

However maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel. We have heard whispered rumors in the swarm of a possible zerg-protoss hybrid. At first we were digusted at the idea of even being in contact with a race who could not even manage to evolve a mouth... but then we saw the metal beast. Death flew from its hands. Those we called friends exploded right before our eyes. Our brothers in the skies struck down by more missles than all the eyes in the swarm could track. We have seen hell... and we want no more of it. We must come togeather to combat this new terror. It is only in merging that we may truely be saved. Our hybrid race may beable to wipe the fear from all the young zerg fresh out of their larva... and what ever version of child your race may hold dear. We are running out of time. We must act now.

- The Swarm

PS. Really, sorry about Aiur... our bad.

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